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  Vitra Saunas are designed by Michael Ducharme
 Advantages Advanced engineering and sexy curves
vitra sauna

Sensual curves and energising lights. Vitra is the world's coolest, sexiest sauna. more...

Hard and strong materials make the Vitra a durable work of art. more...

Quality Control
Discover our fanatical (borderline insane) quality testing. more...

24 hour professional service from sauna-loving insomniacs. more...

Letters received from customers around the world. more...

Sauna Therapy Book
Doctor Lawrence Wilson recommends infrared sauna in his book Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. more...

Total Health Plan
Learn about the system for integrated health developed by Dr. Omar Moreno and Michael Ducharme. more...

Vitra Dual Sauna provides infrared therapy and therapeutic steam for four adults

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Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing

Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing, a book about the health benefits of using saunas, by Doctor Lawrence Wilson, sauna expert I highly recommend that you read Dr. Lawrence Wilson's book, Sauna Therapy for Dertoxification and Healing. Dr. Wilson has thoroughly reasearched the health consequences and benefits of using traditional and infrared saunas. He is the foremost expert on the subject of dotixification using saunas.

Dr. Wilson is an encyclopaedia of natural health. His book, Sauna Therapy, contains a wealth of knowledge that will empower you to live free of cancer and other diseases.

Alexandra Catano and Victoria Ortega in our Vitra two-person far infrared sauna. 
    Vitra Sauna uses color therapy lights to positively stimulate the chakra energy center

Colour Therapy

The lights inside the Vitra provide important medical benefits. Our body consists of seven major energy centers called chakras. These are situated along the length of the spinal column. Positively stimulating any chakra yields a plethora of specific health benefits. The color-blender light shade mixes red light (for the first and second chakras) with blue light (for the fifth and sixth chakras). The strategic blend creates a pink light that opens and nourishes the fourth chakra, which can improve the health of your heart and lungs.
The colour therapy lights used in the Vitra sauna correspond to the following chakras.

  • Red - chakras #1,2 (base of spine and sexual center)
  • Blue - chakra #5 (in the throat, responsible for art, creativity, communication)
  • Pink - chakra #4 (the heart center, responsible for love and compassion)
  • Purple - chakra #6 (the third eye, responsible for intuition and higher knowledge)

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