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 Advantages The next generation sauna

Sensual curves and energising lights. Vitra is the world's coolest, sexiest sauna. more...

Hard and strong materials make the Vitra a durable work of art. more...

Quality Control
Discover our fanatical (borderline insane) quality testing. more...

24 hour professional service from sauna-loving insomniacs. more...

Letters received from customers around the world. more...

Sauna Therapy Book
Doctor Lawrence Wilson recommends infrared sauna in his book Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. more...

Total Health Plan
Learn about the system for integrated health developed by Dr. Omar Moreno and Michael Ducharme. more...

Proper Infrared Placement

Vitra Sauna is designed with correct placement of infrared emitters for optimal absorption of infrared rays

The Vitra includes five 300-watt ceramic far infrared emitters. Proper placement of these emitters ensures increased absorption of the healthy infrared rays. In the Vitra, both bathers will receive full benefits from both of the side emitters, which are moved forward, and tilted back at a forty-degree angle.

Outstanding Strength

The Vitra is built with strong materials that make this among the sturdiest saunas on the market. Vitra Sauna uses tempered glass doors and windows that can even resist the force of a hammer!

Vitra Sauna is made of thick wood panelling chosen for its vertical grain Tempered glass sauna door Free-standing Vitra Sauna is sturdy and strong enough to last a lifetime

Outstanding Ergonomics

Color Therapy

The specific colors inside the Vitra are selected for an important medical reason. Our body contains seven major energy centers called chakras, and these are situated along the length of the spinal column. Positively stimulating any chakra yields a plethora of specific health benefits.

The color therapy lights used in the Vitra sauna correspond to the first, second, fourth, fifth and sixth chakras.

First and second chakras are your animalistic energy centers, responsible for your drive for survival and for sexual reproduction. Red light nourishes you on this very basic level.

Fourth chakra: the heart center

Vitra Saunas are designed to positively stimulate the heart and lungs.

Fifth chakra: blue light acts on your throat center, stimulating creativity and communication.

Sixth chakra: The purple light mixture in the Vitra Sauna stimulates your center of intuition and higher knowledge.

The people that make Vitra

product designer Michael Ducharme
electronic production Alfredo Vizzaccaro
quality control Stephen Ducharme
distribution manager Sean McShane
CAD/ web designer Gian Carlo Menotti

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