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Sensual curves and energising lights. Vitra is the world's coolest, sexiest sauna. more...

Hard and strong materials make the Vitra a durable work of art. more...

Quality Control
Discover our fanatical (borderline insane) quality testing. more...

24 hour professional service from sauna-loving insomniacs. more...

Letters received from customers around the world. more...

Sauna Therapy Book
Doctor Lawrence Wilson recommends infrared sauna in his book Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. more...

Total Health Plan
Learn about the system for integrated health developed by Dr. Omar Moreno and Michael Ducharme. more...


To buy a Vitra Sauna, please call 786 523 0111 and we will provide you with the dealer or representative nearest you.

For further contact information, please click here.

Vitra VG: Because of high quality standards and fanatical material selection, this model cannot be mass produced.

Every board must be carefully selected for its vertical grain, which represents less than 10% of the available supply but it is highly desireable for saunas. Demand for this product is therefore high, while supply is limited.

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