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Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing

Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing book by Doctor Lawrence Wilson I highly recommend that yopu read Dr. Lawrence WEilson's book, Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. Dr. Wilson has thoroughly reasearched the health consequences and benefits of using traditional and infrared saunas. He is the foremost expert on the subject of dotixification using saunas.

His book contains the following chapters:

1. Introduction to Saunas 1 Definitions Sauna History Five Ways Of Using Saunas Organic Chemicals Toxic metals Biological Toxins Radiation Slow Metabolism An Anti-aging Therapy Practical Considerations

2. Physiology of Saunas 7 Two-Phase Sessions Mechanisms Common To All Saunas Phase One Effects: Inhibiting the Sympathetic Nervous System Sweating Reducing Heat Production Improving Oxygenation Dilating Peripheral Vessels Relieving Internal Congestion Relaxing Muscles and Enhancing Flexibility of Tendons Relieving Pain Phase Two Effects: Increasing Body Temperature Hastening the Death of Weaker Cells Producing Heat Shock Proteins Improving Genetics Increasing the Heart Rate and Enhancing Circulation Directly Disabling Microorganisms Resolving Infiltrates, Edema and Exudates Normalizing Enzymatic Activity Additional Mechanisms of Ceramic Element Far Infrared Saunas Deep Tissue Heating Enhancing The Activity of Water Molecules More Yang Therapy Electromagnetic Field Emissions Untrue Claims Additional Mechanisms of Electric Light Saunas Shortening Cluster Chains Removing Telomeres A Tissue Nutrient Reducing Lipid Peroxidation and Enhancing Oxygen Production Color Therapy Vigorous Circulatory Effects Deeper Tissue Penetration Full Spectrum Effects Ability to Focus Energy Chakra Effects Enhanced Genetic Effects Chart of Sauna Effects Organ and System Effects Other Topics Fever Versus Sauna Hyperthermia Hot Tubs and Steam Baths Versus Sauna Hyperthermia Exercise Versus Saunas Blankets and Hot Baths Versus Saunas Fasting Versus Saunas Repeated Heating of the Body The Metabolic Rate Adding Energy to The Body Weight Loss Heating Acupuncture Meridians

3. Heat Shock Proteins 19 Renaturation Heat Shock Therapy Analogous Concepts Other Metabolic Effects HSPs and Nutrition Coleys Toxins and HSPs Sauna Protocol and HSPs

4. Sauna Protocol 23 The Choice of Saunas When and How Often Electrolyte Imbalances How Long to Remain Inside How Much Sauna Therapy Replenishing Minerals Before a Sauna Session During and After a Sauna Session Supervision Relaxation Saunas During Acute Infections Cautions and Contraindications

5. Detoxification 33 The Philosophy of Detoxification Sauna Detoxification Mechanisms Heating the Body Skin Activation Sweating Hot and Dry (Yang) Effects Improving Circulation Sympathetic Inhibition Relieving Internal Congestion Normalizing Alkalinity Enhancing Oxygenation Deep Tissue Penetration Other Infrared Benefits Other Detoxification Topics The Concept of Density Detoxification Program Qualities Layered Toxins To Detoxify, Remove The Need For Compensations Preferred Minerals Seven Methods To Eliminate Toxic Metals Order of Organ Cleanout Healing Facility Or Home Therapy Home-based Therapy Who Can Do Home Therapy? Potential Detoxification Program Difficulties

6. Other Aspects Of Sauna Therapy 43 Visualization Sound Conscious Breathing. Posture Color Massage Niacin Water Aromatherapy Steam Ozone Exercise Cool Bathing and Cold Plunges

7. A Total Health Program 47 Diet Water Nutrients Rest Exercise Positive Action Healthful Relationships Healing Attitudes Medications

8. Effects On Health Conditions 53 Cardiovascular Benefits Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Addiction and Drug Detoxification Nervous System Musculo-skeletal Conditions Skin Conditions Ear, Nose and Throat Seasonal Affective Disorder Enhanced Vitamin D Production Radiation Exposure Eye Conditions Digestive Disorders Other Benefits Of A Single Infrared Lamp Single Lamp Protocol Cautions and Contraindications

9. Saunas And Infectious Disease 59 Improving Circulation Heating The Body Improved Oxygenation Production of Heat Shock Proteins Sweating Deep Heat Penetration Other Effects of Infrared Radiation Color Therapy Sympathetic Nervous Inhibition Enhancing Digestion No Side Effects or Tolerance Combining With Other Therapies Inexpensive and Available to All Acute Infections Chronic Infections Saunas Versus Vaccines

10. Saunas and Cancer 65 What is Cancer? Estrogen, The Primary Carcinogen Reduced Pancreatic Secretion Role of the Sympathetic Nervous System Sauna Mechanisms for Cancer The Mental State Tumor Necrosis and Pain Control Other Considerations

11. Healing Reactions 77 Healing and Disease Reactions Distinguishing Healing From Disease Reactions Emotional Reactions Handling Physical Healing Reactions Supportive Measures Discussing Healing Reactions

12. Sauna Design 83 Power Sources Convection Saunas Radiant Heating Ceramic Element Saunas Electric Light Saunas Hot Sand or Solar Power Electromagnetic Fields Converting A Sauna Cabinets And Enclosures Materials Cross Bars Handicap Modifications Bathroom and Closet Installation Rotting Insulation Inability To Heat Up Thermometers Thermostats Timers Ventilation Size Sitting or Lying Down Shape Portability

13. Light Sauna Considerations 91 Technical Specifications Safety Rotating to Avoid Burns Lying Down or Sitting Infrared Lamp Spectral Power Graph Why Lamps On Only One Wall? Guards For Lamps Multiple-Person Light Saunas Commercial Units

14. Personal Experience With An Electric Light Sauna 95 Development Sauna Protocol Healing Reactions Validation Hair Mineral Analyses

15. Sauna Research 105 Research Protocols

16. Review and Conclusion 107 Appendix A. Saunas and Hair Mineral Analysis 108 Tendency for Toxicity Detoxification Ability Hazardous Electrolyte Imbalances Energy Level Sympathetic Dominance Toxic Metal Readings Which Lab To Use Monitoring Progress Appendix B. Light Sauna Plans 111 Materials Enclosures Construction Mounting and Ventilation Cautions and Disclaimer Appendix C. Basic Enclosure Plans 115 Appendix D. Notes For Practitioners 118 Disclaimer Statement

References 119 Books Articles

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