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  Advantages Cutting Edge Sauna Products

Sensual curves and energising lights. Vitra is the world's coolest, sexiest sauna. more...

Hard and strong materials make the Vitra a durable work of art. more...

Quality Control
Discover our fanatical (borderline insane) quality testing. more...

24 hour professional service from sauna-loving insomniacs. more...

Letters received from customers around the world. more...

Sauna Therapy Book
Doctor Lawrence Wilson recommends infrared sauna in his book Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. more...

Total Health Plan
Learn about the system for integrated health developed by Dr. Omar Moreno and Michael Ducharme. more...


Alexandra Catano and Victoria Ortega in our Vitra two-person far infrared sauna.
    Vitra Sauna uses color therapy lights to positively stimulate the chakra energy center

Vitra 2 Person Sauna

Vitra Original, Vitra VG and Vitra FG are all designed for two people. This is the most advanced and most sought-after far infrared sauna on the market. Vitra's signature styling always includes ergonomic benches, strong tempered glass and color therapy lights for chakra balancing.


Vitra 4-6 Person Sauna Model

This cutting-edge sauna combines the convection heat of a traditional hot rock sauna heater with the penetrating rays of six far infrared emitters. Unique styling features include ergonomic benches with captain's chair, curved tempered glass and color therapy lights that balance your body's subtle energies, leaving you relaxed and thinking more clearly.

Girl Relaxing in Vitra Combination Infrared and Hot Rock Sauna

4-6 Person Sauna Product Dimensions
height (not including roof panel) 1960 mm ( 77.2 inches )
height (including roof panel) 2060 mm ( 81.1 inches )
width of base 2200 mm ( 86.6 inches )
width of top (crown) 2461 mm ( 96.9 inches )
depth of base 1500 mm ( 59.1 inches )
depth of top (crown) 1631 mm ( 64.2 inches )

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