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  Vitra Saunas are designed by Michael Ducharme
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Sensual curves and energising lights. Vitra is the world's coolest, sexiest sauna. more...

Hard and strong materials make the Vitra a durable work of art. more...

Quality Control
Discover our fanatical (borderline insane) quality testing. more...

24 hour professional service from sauna-loving insomniacs. more...

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Sauna Therapy Book
Doctor Lawrence Wilson recommends infrared sauna in his book Sauna Therapy for Detoxification and Healing. more...

Total Health Plan
Learn about the system for integrated health developed by Dr. Omar Moreno and Michael Ducharme. more...


Bodymind and soul:

Three inseparable parts of you.
Three steps to Total Health.

A healthy, strong body

Physical BODY Needs
mountain-fresh-air blueberries
1. Breathe deeply: the cleanest air possible, and get at least 15 minutes of sunshine on your body every day. 2. Eat the right nutrients: organic vegetables, fruits and grains, and enjoy the abundance of flavours and aromas.
excercise sauna
3. Exercise: with any activity that stretches your muscles and causes you to sweat profusely. Swimming, yoga and the martial arts are among the best excercises for your body and mind. 4. Detoxify: with daily use of a sauna or steambath, plus occasional mud treatments and shiatsu massage, and a yearly fast. Enjoy being reborn.

A healthy, open mind

Since your MIND is anywhere we have sensacion, your entire body makes up the densest part of your mind. You can therefore heal your mind by healing the body. You can also try to relax the mind with music, touch, aromatherapy and other things that soothe you.

The mind should not be confused with the brain, which is part of the body and part of the mind because it is an organ, and it hs sensation. This organ is responsable for calculating and decision making and should be rested when not in use.

A healthy, happy soul

The SOUL is inseparable from the bodymind, therefore there is no need to treat it separately. Healing the bodymind will raise your spiritual consciousness. Then you will realize that the soul is already perfect. There is nothing to heal here. Go back to healing the bodymind.

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